Empowered nutrition
Balanced life stages
Unlimited potential

Empowered nutrition
Balanced life stages
Unlimited potential


Becca meadows


I help female leaders and business owners to get health and hormones in check to allow them to optimise their performance, so they can feel healthier and lead better.

Becca Meadows is a women’s health and leadership consultant who uses a transformational combination of nutrition and lifestyle medicine alongside leadership coaching to get you performing better. She is passionate about supporting you feel healthier and lead better. 

Feel like your own health is always the lowest priority? Is your physical wellbeing holding you back professionally? Do you need more energy to really perform to your best? Struggling with conception, hormones or menopause?  

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Becca offers 1-2-1 transformational programmes and workplace wellness consultancy  that make you or your organisation feel understood, supported and capable of sustaining real change. No fad diets, just individualised, evidence-based nutrition and lifestyle medicine that gets you back to feeling like ‘you’ again. 

For the ultimate wellbeing experience look at our women only and workplace retreats.

Becca Meadows - Nutrition

Nutritional Therapy

Discover the health solution for busy female leaders who want to feel healthier and lead better

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Amazing things happen when teams are out of the confines of home working or an office to connect and strategise together.  

workplace wellness

From developing a wellbeing strategy that works, to delivering training, everything is tailored bespoke to your workforce.

Personal Programmes

Nutritional therapy

Every aspect of our life is affected in some way by what we eat and how we live. Nutritional therapy takes each person as an individual, applying evidenced-based nutritional theory to generate a bespoke and focused plan, specifically designed to make you feel back on track.

Incorporating functional medicine principals, registered nutritional therapists look at the way your different body systems interact and work together. Most importantly, we use behavioural change techniques to empower you to take control and achieve meaningful change that lasts.

Even if already under medical supervision for an acute or chronic condition or for fertility treatment, I work alongside your medical team to support your journey to optimum health. Registered nutritional therapists are trained to understand your ongoing treatment and medication and know how further testing, supplements and food can work alongside this safety.

Work with me face to face from my home clinic in Painswick or Origin Health Clinic. All consultations can be held remote via video call. 

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Workplace Wellbeing

workplace wellbeing

A workforce that feel valued and understood as individuals are a workforce that are motivated to perform to their full potential.

I help people-focused businesses to attract, retain and promote the best female talent to limit stress and burnout and optimise performance, particularly when also a parent, so they can be the best possible leader for themselves and those they lead.

Workplace wellbeing is now so much more than one-off events, apps or an online employee assistance programme. It is about authentic connection, building relationships, understanding your workforce and offering something that they really value and makes a difference at the individual level. 

More and more employers are starting to reap the benefits of having a well-designed coherent wellbeing strategy with clear aims and metrics to measure success.  Becca Meadows Nutrition can help you with not only the design of a successful wellbeing strategy but also help deliver physical wellbeing training. 

Do you need a bespoke workplace event that is a bit different to what you may have done before? We offer a range of tailor-made business retreats for large groups or smaller executive teams. 

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Whether a start up business or a long- established enterprise, whether looking to conduct a sprint, launch a new strategy or simply get away, we can support you to achieve the best outcomes in a unique and inspiring way.

With a range of properties suitable for different group sizes and budgets, let us plan your next team building event or strategy sprint. Escape the mundane and invest in a unique team experience to develop relationships and share new ideas. 

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