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Let me empower you to take control and live the fulfilled and balanced life you crave.

Inside our bodies, thousands of chemical reactions are constantly occurring to create new cells, repair damage, fight infection, give us energy and a lot more. The nutrients in food are literally the building blocks of these reactions. Whilst there are many other complex and interrelated factors contributing to our health such as our genetics and our environment, what we eat is a very significant piece of the puzzle that you can influence.

Whether 1-2-1, an online programme or through workplace wellness, nutritional therapy has the power to help you create sustained change around your food and health. Every aspect of our health is affected in some way by what we eat and how we live. Nutritional therapy is so effective because it takes each person as an individual, applying evidenced-based nutritional science to generate a bespoke and focused plan, specifically designed to address your personal health needs. Incorporating functional medicine principals, registered nutritional therapists are trained to look at the way your different body systems interact and work together, such as how your digestive health might affect your skin, or how stress might impact your hormonal balance and fertility. Most importantly, we use behavioural change techniques to empower you to take control and achieve sustained change.


What is nutritional therapy?

Nutritional therapy is the application of nutrition and lifestyle medicine sciences in the promotion of health, peak performance and individual care.

As a registered nutritional therapist I am focused on providing individualised nutritional and lifestyle support based on your specific medical history, current symptoms and personal health goals.

Outside of a 1-2-1 clinical setting I work as a BANT registered nutritionist delivering workplace wellness programmes and public speaking. We are qualified to work alongside medical professionals to recommend personalised programmes including dietary recommendations, functional testing and supplementation. BANT registered nutritional therapists do not treat or diagnose disease and are not a replacement for medical treatment. Personalised nutrition continues to evolve to become a valued and well-recognised part of an integrated and functional approach to healthcare.

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Personal Packages
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If you prefer accountability and the personal touch then these offerings are for you. From individual, 1-2-1 nutritional therapy or personal training sessions, to carefully crafted programmes to support your specific needs, there is an option for you. If you don’t see exactly what you want why not book a discovery call and we can see what support is going to best help you achieve your goals, in the most efficient time frame possible. 


What to expect in a consultation

After an initial discovery call to make sure I can support you effectively in your health goals you choose a programme; from either the basic nutritional therapy plan to a transformational programme such as She Thrives®. You complete an online health questionnaire and food diary to allow me to really hone in on your health history, medication interactions, current symptoms and your specific health goals.

We decide how it is best to work together, whether online via secure video conferencing or at a choice of two locations; my home clinic in Painswick or Origin Health at Elkstone Studios, Cheltenham. 

Prior to us meeting, I conduct in-depth dietary analysis, using functional medicine techniques and nutritional evidence to delve deep into what areas you need support in and how we can do that through nutrition. During the consultation I encourage you to discuss your health goals with me in your own words. We then discuss what success would look like to you and develop 3-5 strategies to get you feeling your best.

We discuss how you wish to stay accountable and what behavioural change strategies will work best for you. You will receive personalised, digital handouts to support each recommendation, a 5 day meal guide, links to supplements and any further testing if needed. Depending on your programme, we will speak at consistent intervals so I can help encourage and support you. 

Book a free 30min discovery call here to see how nutritional therapy can support you
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I use the four pillars of nutrition, sleep, stress and movement to structure my individualised recommendations. We work together to ensure they are specific, achievable and not restrictive.
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These will predominantly be focused around subtle shifts in the foods you eat, when you may eat them or how you prepare them. We also recommend high quality supplements to give you the nutritional support you may need, which could be difficult to achieve through food alone. 

We also may recommend further functional testing, such as microbiome tests, stool tests, hormone level (DUTCH) and vitamin status tests, to allow us to really target your health issues. We would then help interpret these test results and dive even deeper into what we can do with nutrition and lifestyle to address any imbalances.

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Book a 30min discovery call here to see how I can support you.
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When to use a Nutritional Therapist

Optimum health is not binary; it’s not black and white. Seeing health as a continuum, it makes a lot more sense to invest in preventative healthcare to address any health concerns prior to physical symptoms becoming so overwhelming, you consider yourself ill. Wanting to optimise your fertility ahead of trying to conceive? Wanting to make sure you feel full of energy returning to work after maternity leave? Want to address any small symptoms you can’t quite put your finger on? This is where nutritional therapy can help. However, should you suffer from a chronic or acute illness, registered nutritional therapists work alongside your other healthcare providers to ensure a fully integrated approach to your individual health. Nutritional therapy is never a replacement for medical treatment and we can not diagnose or specifically treat an illness.

What’s the difference between a dietitian and a nutritionist or nutritional therapist?

‘Nutritionist’ and ‘nutritional therapists’ are not statutory- protected titles. This results in a wide range of abilities and skills being offered under the umbrella of ‘nutrition’. It is essential when choosing a nutritional therapist that you consider their qualifications, experience and membership of a regulated governing body. I have a MSc in Nutritional Therapy and am registered with the British Association for Nutrition and Lifestyle Medicine, this allows me to practice as a registered nutritional therapist, regulated by the Complimentary and Natural Healthcare Council and Professional Standards Agency. Only registered nutritional therapists and registered dietitians are trained and qualified in clinical practice to meet national standards and work in a one-to-one setting. Registered Nutritionists have met training and qualification standards and work with groups, and the wider industry, academia and in non-clinical settings. Dietitians tend to work more in hospital setting, whereas nutritional therapists tend to work more in private clinical 1-2-1 settings. 

Lots of people do meal plans and give nutritional advice, how is this different?

Anyone can give you advice. Whilst this is often well-meaning, it is often based on personal experience rather than evidence-backed science. Inaccurate advice can damage your relationship with food, demonise food groups and exacerbate symptoms of illness. As a registered nutritional therapist I studied for 3 years to gain an Masters of Science (MSc) in Nutritional Therapy and conduct continuous professional development so I always offer my clients the most up-to-date nutritional evidence. This allows me to be registered with the British Association of Nutritional and Lifestyle Medicine (BANT), who ensure professional standards, codes of conduct and continuous professional development are adhered to.

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Nutritional Therapy

Nutritional Therapy
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If you prefer accountability and the personal touch then you might want to look at a more in depth programme with support over a longer period of time. If you don’t see exactly what you want why not
book a discovery call and we can see what support is going to best help you achieve your goals, in the most efficient time frame possible.

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