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Preparing For Pregnancy


Who is this fertility nutritional therapy programme for?

Are you and your partner considering trying for children either naturally or through assisted conception? Are you trying to conceive and nothing is happening?

This programme is designed for either women themselves or couples. It puts you and your unique situation at the centre, supporting you to create the best possible environment in which to conceive. It gives you the knowledge to prepare nutritious and balanced meals to optimise your fertility. 

Nutritional therapy has been shown to balance hormones and improve both egg and sperm health, directly impacting the quality of an embryo and health of your baby. The six months prior to conception are when you can really focus on understanding signs of ovulation and improve your egg and sperm health, alongside your overall wellbeing and physical preparation for pregnancy. 

The DUTCH test allows us to really hone in on targeted nutritional therapy and supplementation specific to your hormone profile. The test is a non-invasive, urine sample based test that gives a very extensive profile of sex and stress hormones. It can help detect hormone imbalances that can be barriers to successful conception, such as preventing ovulation, playing havoc with menstrual cycles, uterine lining health and contributing to PMS, fatigue, weight gain and depression.


How we work together:

This package can be delivered in person or remotely.
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What it supports

What nutritional therapy can help support in your fertility journey:

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What you get


4 monthly payments of £247.50

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Preparing For Pregnancy

Preparing for pregnancy

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