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I’m Becca, a women's health and leadership consultant, qualified in nutritional therapy, leadership and management. I'm based in the Cotswolds and mum to two young boys.

I have a passion for supporting female leaders and business owners to get health and hormones in check to optimise their performance, particularly when also a mother, so they can feel healthier and lead better.

Our physical wellbeing has to be the strong foundation on which we build our home lives, professional ability and ambition.

I work alongside other healthcare providers, using evidence-based nutritional and lifestyle expertise, to support you in performing to your best when you need it the most.

Life doesn’t need to feel so overwhelming, you don’t need to rely on coffee for energy or fad diets for weight loss. Your health doesn’t need to be bottom of the list.

Whether it’s improving energy, managing stress, balancing hormones at all life stages or managing a return to a busy job alongside the demands of a family, I can support you to keep you strong, focused, healthy and in control. I can support you through a variety of means, whether through individual packages, face-to-face or digitally, combining nutritional therapy and specialist pre and post natal personal training, or through workplace programmes and public speaking.

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How I got here

With 15 years experience in leading and developing high performance teams, my passion to support women to prioritise their own health and thrive in work and family life started when I returned to work full time after the birth of my first child. I felt very unsupported and misunderstood by the current offering for professional women, worth little consideration of our unique physical and mental needs and the huge interplay between resilience, professional performance and physical wellbeing. I took matters into my own hands and alongside advanced leadership training I requalifed as a registered nutritional therapist.

I have felt first hand the emotional and physical effect of trying to be on my A game in all aspects of my life but not supporting myself adequately.  This disrupted my hormones and contributes to an ongoing thyroid disorder that saw me gain weight, have thinning hair and depressive symptoms. I felt like I was not present for my child, nor performing professionally, although keeping up appearances that ‘everything was fine’. My experience a nutritional therapist allowed me to transform the way I looked at food, using it to repair and nourish rather than simply fuel. I made space for my own health by developing quick ways calm my nervous system, to eat well and move more. My own journey made me understand the power of nutrition and exercise to support and optimise women’s health so they can lead better and ultimately aspire for more. 

Being a female leader or a working mother isn’t a weakness, it’s a superpower and I’m here to help you shape it. 

You deserve to be happy, confident in what you do and exude resilience. 


With a first class honours degree and an MSc in Nutritional Therapy I am registered with the British Association of Lifestyle Medicine (BANT) governing body and the Complimentary and Natural Healthcare and Council (CNHC). 

The CNHC holds an accredited register, approved by the Professional Standards Authority. GPs can refer to PSA-accredited nutritional therapists with the assurance that we adhere to the highest standards of professional practice. 

With a masters level Institute of Leadership and Management Diploma in Leadership and Management I am dedicated to providing professional, accurate, research-backed nutritional support alongside behavioural change techniques that enable you to optimise your physical wellbeing and apply in in a professional setting. I compliment nutrition and lifestyle medicine with a deep understanding of developing leaders, alongside a passion for public speaking. This is borne from a high pressured career and leading high performance teams as an officer in the British Army and former instructor at the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst. 

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