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Why workplace Wellness?

A workforce that feel valued and understood are a workforce that are motivated to perform to their full potential. I provide workplace wellness strategy consultancy alongside training delivery that is tailored to the specific needs of your business and your workforce. There is no better way to demonstrate that you are actively engaged in understanding and supporting your employees beyond deadlines and targets.

Investing in a long-term workplace wellness strategy has been shown to reduce employee turnover by up to 50%. With a comprehensive framework that has your business’ core values at it’s heart, you can promote an inclusive and diverse workforce, reduce absenteeism, improve staff retention, loyalty and productivity. Externally, your customer base see an improved corporate reputation, better customer service and a workforce more resilient to change.

With social value considerations now more important than ever, a robust and well-designed wellbeing strategy sets you apart from other organisations. Demonstrating you are taking action to invest in the health and wellbeing of your workforce is a key theme of the UK Government’s Social Value Model.

Why Becca Meadows Nutrition?

I help people focused businesses to attract, retain and promote the best female talent to reduce unnecessary recruitment expenditure, develop a loyal workforce and sustain a robust pipeline for female leadership development. The result is a happy, motivated workforce who feel seen, understood and capable of more. 

With a first class honours degree and Masters level qualifications in nutrition and leadership, I combine evidence-based nutrition with leadership support to create truly transformational change.  A natural public speaker, with 15 years experience leading high performance teams, I communicate clearly and effectively to put any audience at ease.

My clients come away more energised, resilient and confident, ready for more.

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designing a bespoke wellbeing solution

Starting with your core business values, we analyse who your workforce are and identify health issues that may be significant to them. We look at what you see as the end state and define measurable markers of success. From this, we can conduct effective gap analysis. Using this foundation we design a bespoke wellbeing strategy with specific events, to achieve sustained behavioural change. We deliver this in a timescale that works for you and provide measurable workforce feedback along the way. Want to discuss possibilities? 

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Event examples
Nothing is off the shelf. Everything is designed specific to your organisational needs and available resources.

Here are examples of physical wellbeing events that can be provided as part of a bespoke wellbeing strategy:


The Women's edit

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A wellbeing strategy forms an integral part of female talent management; empowering, encouraging and engaging a workforce population easily marginalised.

All too often, I hear of successful women feeling under appreciated or poorly managed by their employer at key life stages. Then they leave. McKinsey’s ‘Ten Years of Insights on Gender Diversity’ study identified a number of levers to support the clear economic case for gender diversity and change in the workplace.  The Women’s Edit shows the employee that their employer is invested in their success and understands the unique stressors that could affect talented businesswomen reaching their full potential. 

The Women’s Edit is a programme tailored to the needs of your female workforce; to inspire, support, encourage and facilitate. This could be 1-2-1 or small group coaching or more formal public speaking. It could be part of a ‘Keeping in Touch (KIT) day or a broader business event such as International Women’s Day. Example themes include:

  • Performance and your menstrual cycle
  • Harnessing the power of your hormones
  • Menopause
  • Nourish the Bump
  • Preparing for IVF
  • The Leadership Diet

Power hours:

Delivered over 1 hour or a lunch break, either in person or online, these dynamic sessions focus on one particular issue and deliver recommendations that the workforce can look to adopt immediately:

  • Food for thought- how to boost your brainpower
  • Beat the Overwhelm- nutrition and lifestyle hacks to keep you on top
  • Food for Mood
  • Balance me- nutrition and lifestyle tips for keeping hormones in check
  • Menopause and me
  • Movement Matters


Express clinic sessions:

1 on 1, 30 minute nutritional therapy sessions to really make employees feel heard and valued. The session focuses on providing nutritional tips and pointers specific to the individual’s health needs. These can be repeated at set intervals to support behavioural change and track success.

Full clinic sessions:

1-2- 1, 60 minute nutritional therapy sessions delve deep into an employee’s current dietary practices, their health concerns and goals. Working collaboratively, we establish nutritional and lifestyle goals that are specific, measurable and achievable. Supplement recommendations and further functional testing may be discussed if appropriate.


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What Our Clients Say

she thrives® workplace

New for 2024

A transformational development solution for female leaders who want to feel energised and lead with resilience and authenticity

I help female leaders to supercharge energy and resilience in 16 weeks to support optimal performance, so they can feel healthier and lead better. I deliver this through a transformational combination of nutrition and lifestyle medicine alongside leadership support.

The result is a re-energised, motivated leader with enthusiasm for work and home, who feels healthier, confident, authentic and capable of more.

She Thrives is now available as a workplace offering to support the wellbeing and talent management of your valued female leaders and future leaders. 

IN Q4 2023, my clients saw a 60% reduction in the severity of their main 2 symptoms that impacted their performance the most, with 20% of clients seeing a 86% improvement. 


She Thrives is suited to people focused businesses who want to attract, retain and promote the best female talent to reduce unnecessary recruitment expenditure, develop a loyal workforce and sustain a robust pipeline for female leadership development.