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A transformational health solution for busy female leaders who want to feel energised and lead confidently

I help female leaders to supercharge energy and resilience in 16 weeks to support optimal performance, particularly when also a mother, so they can feel healthier and lead better. I deliver this through a transformational combination of nutrition and lifestyle medicine alongside leadership coaching.

The result is a re-energised, motivated leader with enthusiasm for work and home, who feels healthier, confident, authentic and capable of more.

Once part of the She Thrives community, she’s always part of it.


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What is She Thrives® about?

For too long, women have normalised low energy, stress, anxiety, brain fog, digestive discomfort and hormonal symptoms to name but a few, as part and parcel of having a successful career and home life. 

It is time to change that now. 

By focusing in on your specific lifestyle and diet we optimise energy, manage stress and support mood.  We look at what is holding you back from leading to your fullest and develop lifelong strategies to allow you to perform consistently, without the detrimental impact to your health, energy and relationships. This creates a woman who leads with confidence, authenticity and empathy, with the energy and capacity for more.

As a physical wellbeing and leadership consultant I combine nutrition and lifestyle science with 15 years leadership experience to bring together a transformational programme, which addresses the individual as a whole, to achieve measurable, long lasting change.

How we work together

This transformational programme uses a highly effective 4 stage method so you start to feel results quickly without needing to commit hours and hours on top of an already busy life, waiting for some grand finale. 

Each of the 4 stages lasts for 4 weeks and includes:

Who it helps

who is she thrives® for?

The She Thrives® woman is ambitious, empathetic and capable. At the moment she might feel like she has lost herself amongst the family and the career, going through the motions, knowing she wants more but not sure how she is ever going to have the energy to do it. She might be starting to suffer from niggling symptoms of stress such as anxiety, poor sleep, hormonal imbalance or digestive issues.

She has been so driven for so long, she has done so well. Everyone compliments her on how impressive she is, but inside she feels she is going to be found out and her health is giving her away. 

The She Thrives® woman might identify with some of these statements:


the results

She Thrives uniquely encompasses mental and physical health with workplace performance and leadership capacity, because deep down we know we can’t really separate the two. The She Thrives woman might find she sees improvements in the following areas. Each She Thrives programme is unique to the needs of the individual, so you might find your results are greater in the areas you really need. 

£383 per month for 5 months
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She Thrives is also available in the workplace.
She Thrives is suited to people focused businesses who want to attract, retain and promote the best female talent to reduce unnecessary recruitment expenditure, develop a loyal workforce and sustain a robust pipeline for female leadership development.

The result is a happy, motivated workforce who feel seen, understood, supported and capable of more.

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